Will you not?........, come along and join in, to set the skies alight to bring brilliance to many millions, hankering for some rays of Desire!

Athulya is an initiative inspired by a neurosurgical patient who went through many perilous phases of treatment in a very short span of time. A large number of individuals around us are affected by ailments related to brain and many such patients are in dire need of a Guiding Light to help them shape a course to recovery and rehabilitation.

Since very advanced Diagnostic and treatment facilities are available aplenty, the primary focus of Athulya will be in avenues where structured efforts are lacking while supporting the treatment system wherever possible.

Athulya, for the time being, shall keep the following as guiding principles:-

  • Interaction with credible source of information improves faith and confidence.

  • Positive approaches & contributions from patients optimize the treatment process.

  • Well supported and motivated patients recover better and faster.

  • Immediate environment has a vital role to play in the recovery & rehabilitation processes.

  • Rehabilitation of patients needs to be viewed from the perspective of social responsibility.

  • The society can play a major role in the recovery & rehabilitation processes.

  • Better support to the Medical Fraternity can further optimize its efforts.



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